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Award-Winning Residential Energy Solutions Platform

Elevation is a fully integrated residential energy solutions provider serving residents, enterprise clients, and electric utilities in multiple states.


Elevation Provides a Unique Set of Energy Solutions

Solar and Storage

One of the nation’s largest and highest rated residential solar installers providing the best technology, solutions, and service to customers nationwide.

  • Top-tier custom roof-top solar systems
  • Integrated battery offerings
  • Best-in-class financing solutions
  • Front-to-end customer support and system maintenance
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Energy Monitoring

Powerful home energy monitoring system (Curb) arms customers with energy consumption data to make smarter decisions in their homes.

  • Accurate energy monitoring on individual appliances
  • Real-time reporting and notifications
  • Intelligent energy management and analytics platform
  • Remote diagnostics and appliance health
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Efficiency & Automation

Multiple “Contractor of the Year” awards by the U.S. Department of Energy for our residential energy efficiency solutions and service. We help our customers save money and live more comfortably by improving and automating their homes.

  • BPI Certified home energy audits
  • Energy efficiency retrofits — insulation, duct sealing, air sealing
  • Home energy automation and control
  • Energy efficient devices (EV charging, pool pumps, etc.)
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Utility & Enterprise Solutions

Innovative, scaled, and resident-friendly energy management solutions for utilities and institutional residential real estate portfolio operators.

  • Aggregated distributed energy resources (virtual power plants)
  • Appliance-level fleet management and preventative maintenance
  • Grid telemetry and power quality metrics
  • Impact measurement and validation